Rosie Clarke : Art Direction

Hello! I am a freelance Art Director for Television, Commercials, Events, and Film, with over 9 years of art department experience. I am experienced in studio and location work, managing a wide range of art dept budgets, art dept co-ordinating, overseeing set builds, makes and strikes. Other skills include: prop buying, hiring and making, set dressing and styling, scenic painting and effects, graphics, image clearance, product placement, drapery, design rendering and working drawings. I have strong links with a number of first class carpenters, prop makers, graphic designers, set dressers, buyers and assistants, and full art department toolkit and supplies.
There are a few projects I have done recently which I am not yet able to show photos of on my website - please contact me to arrange a viewing of my portfolio.

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Rosie Clarke
Art Direction

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